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We are the industry representative body of manufacturers and importers of Heat Pumps in the Republic of Ireland. 

The Heat Pump Association of Ireland

Heat Pump Association Ireland was formed in 2011 as the representative body of manufacturers and distributors of heat pumps in the Republic of Ireland.   


Members are committed to quality and the promotion of a high standard of professionalism in the Irish heat pump industry.


Membership is open to all importers and distributors of heat pumps with the aim of giving the industry a single representative voice with other sectors of the construction industry, educators, and legislators.


Correctly designed and installed heat pumps contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions and help to achieve our climate action targets.


Please note that Heat Pump Association does not provide quotations or advice to self-builders or homeowners on the choice of brands available. Please contact any of our members directly for brand-specific advice.

Aims and Objectives


  1. Energy Efficiency

  2. Carbon Reduction

  3. Regulation Compliance

  4. Quality Assurance

  5. Installation Standards/*-

  6. Promotion

  7. Sustainability

  8. Training

Aims and Objectives​

  • To raise awareness of the features and benefits of heat pump technology by freely sharing accurate information and guidance to the general public and in particular end users, specifiers, energy advisers, and installers.

  • To co-ordinate technical and market research with the aim of improving market opportunities and overcoming barriers to the adoption of Heat pump technology in the Irish market place.

  • To freely transfer and share information on international best practice within the Irish Heat Pump Industry by supporting members and the public with first class information and education.

  • To influence national legislation, regulatory and energy efficiency standards, to ensure heat pump technology has a central role in the Irish market in delivering the national energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets.

  • To provide advice, technical and costing information to national government, local authorities and public bodies, in legislative, regulatory and energy efficiency matters, to facilitate informed decisions in the preparation of energy, environmental and trade policies affecting the Irish Heat Pump Industry.

  • ​To actively promote best practice design, professional installation and the appropriate application of heat pump technology in the Irish market place for residential, commercial and industrial applications in line with legislative and regulatory requirements, industry best practice, and environmental conditions, both at a national and local level.

  • To maintain the integrity of the Heat Pump Association by ensuring all its members promote a high standard of professionalism and service in the Irish Heat Pump Industry.

  • To transfer and share international best practice with other markets.

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